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Story of Our Real Brides – Resa Berry


As for my experience at Jaehee, I never expected to walk away with a confident smile on my face, knowing that I was taken care of and that I got the dress I always dreamed of.

I had hoped for a decent experience, but I heard so many horror stories of sales consultants and bridal boutiques that I half-expected to go through the same ordeal. But then my sister-in-law recommended Jaehee Bridal and I immediately booked my appointment after hearing about her wonderful experience there.

From the first moment I walked in and met the staff, I knew what my sister-in-law was talking about. My sales consultant, Bojana, took pains to make me feel like I was her most important client and that I was her top priority. She spent a lot of time discussing with me what I was envisioning for my wedding day and wedding dress, and clung to that idea as best she could. She then turned the experience into a really fun and enjoyable process – as opposed to stressful and overwhelming, like many Brides tend to feel. From then on, every time I went back to Jaehee for a dress fitting, the experience was just as pleasant.

When it came to my wedding day, I felt so comfortable and happy in my wedding dress and everyone was so enamored by it because they could see how it made me look and feel. All in all, I found the most beautiful (and more importantly – affordable) wedding dress, as well as a warm, welcoming and friendly environment because I chose to shop at Jaehee. I didn’t have to elbow my way through crowds of women, or fight with snooty sales consultants to get what I wanted and was looking for. I would highly recommend ANY bride-to-be to check out Jaehee Bridal first before they try any other Bridal boutique. I guarantee they’ll find the best service and the best wedding dress selection!

  • Wedding Dress by Allure
  • Photography by Love & Light Photographs
  • Special Thanks to Jaehee Bridal & Bojana
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